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ElixirConf 2023 Keynotes, Speakers and Trainers

Keynote Speakers

  • José Valim

    José Valim

    Creator of Elixir

    The foundations of the Elixir type system

  • Chris McCord

    Chris McCord

    Creator of Phoenix


  • Brian Cardarella

    Brian Cardarella

    CEO and Founder of DockYard

    LiveView Native

  • Katelynn Burns


    Motion Commotion: Motion Tracking with Bumblebee and Liveview


    • Building recursive workflows with Broadway
    • Nx Powered Decision Trees
    • Flex: Empowering Elixir with Fuzzy Logic for Real-World Solutions.
    • Drawing to 7-color e-ink screens with Scenic and Nerves
    • Easy Ergonomic Telemetry in Production w/ Sibyl
    • Erlang Dist Filtering and the WhatsApp Runtime System
    • ECSx: A New Approach to Game Development in Elixir
    • Elixir's Secret Ingredient
    • Fine tuning language models with Axon
    • Building a globally distributed router
    • Black Box Techniques for Unit Tests
    • Building a database gui and proxy with elixir
    • Ash 3.0: Better Together
    • Managing a massive amount of distributed Elixir nodes
    • Scaling Up Travel with Elixir
    • Filling the Gaps in the Ecosystem
    • Building Embedded and Core System with Elixir for millions AI-based point of sales
    • Handling async tasks in LiveView with style and grace
    • Replacing React: How Liveview solved our performance problems
    • Chess Vision!
    • Building AI Apps with Elixir
    • Our LiveView Native Development Journey
    • Learn Stochastic Gradient Descent in 30 Minutes
    • Unleashing the Power of DAGs, introducing Pacer Workflow
    • “SVG Island“: On building your own charts in Phoenix LiveView
    • Driving Performance with Req and Finch at
    • Unleashing the Power of DAGs, introducing Pacer Workflow
    • Introducing Vox: the static site generator for Elixir lovers
    • Elixir Security: a Business and Technical Perspective
    • Req - a batteries-included HTTP client for Elixir
    • Functional Juniors: Leveling up your New Elixir Devs
    • “SVG Island“: On building your own charts in Phoenix LiveView
    • Lessons Learned Working with Ecto.Repo.put_dynamic_repo/1
    • A11y testing a LiveView application with Excessibility
    • MLOps in Elixir: Simplifying traditional MLOps with Elixir
    • Exploring LiveViewNative
    • The Alchemy of Elixir Teams; an Engineering Manager’s Tale
    • Beyond LiveView: Getting the javascript you need while keeping the Elixir you love
    • Beacon: The next generation of CMS in Phoenix LiveView
    • ex_cldr - Personalized Applications for a Global Audience
    • Beyond Technical Prowess: Competency is Not Enough
    • Conversational Web APIs with Phoenix Channels
    • A Real Life Example of Using Meta-programming: Speeding up dynamic templates.
    • Rewrite Pion in Elixir
    • Orb: Write WebAssembly with the power of Elixir
    • A LiveView is a Process
    • Keeping real-time auctions running during rollout. From white-knuckle to continuous deployments.
    • Scaling Teams with Kafka on the BEAM
    • Using DDD concepts to create better Phoenix Contexts
    • Exploring code smells in Elixir
    • fragment/1: Ecto.Query's underrated superweapon
    • State: A necessary Evil
    • Rebuilding the Plane While It’s Still Flying


    • Building Data-Driven Workflows in Broadway
    • Ash Framework: The Fast Track to Full Stack
    • Beyond LiveView: Getting the Javascript you need while keeping the LiveView you love
    • Instrumenting Elixir Applications
    • Instrumenting Elixir Applications